Brackish /Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Mobile Plants

The Aqualux Water produces up to 5m3/hr of potable water production. Systems are equipped with integral power,

which eliminates the need for external generators or Solar. They can also be easily transported on Civil or

military vehicles . Units are designed to operate in the harshest environment under extreme conditions. In addition, your benefit from the expert and responsive service delivered through Aqualux Master support service capabilities.

The Aqualux Water Light Weight Purifier (LWP)is a highly mobile unit that can be used in support of low-intensity combat operations, nation building, civil affairs actions, peacekeeping, and disaster relief operations.With the LWP, you'll always get fresh water, no matter the nature of the contamination. The LWP can purify water that has been contaminated by biological or chemical agents.Not only is the LWP highly mobile; it's easy to use. It can be set up and operated by a single Person in 45 minutes or less.As today's Civil or military operates through smaller and more mobile units, these lighter more mobile systems will be critical in meeting the sustainment needs of these formations.

The Lightweight Water Purifier (LWP) System is intended to improve the responsiveness of water support to early entry, highly mobile forces throughout the spectrum of conflict in peace and war. It also provides quality water support to small units and detachments where distribution of bulk water is not feasible or practical. The LWP provides this water support without committing larger water production assets from the logistics support structure. The system tailors water production flow rates to the demands of independent Special Operations Forces, detachments and units typically engaged in remote site missions.

Notable features of the unit include:

  • Designed to be man-portable and modular. Transportable in LMV.
  • Treats any water source including brackish, turbid, contaminated sources.
  • Uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultra filtration (UF) technology
  • Five modules: UF, high-pressure pump, control module, RO element, and chemical injection/cleaning
  • Automated, backwash cycles every 15 minutes, 30 seconds each UF cartridge
  • Treats raw water to 8,000 ppm TDS.
  • Produces 200 Ltrs. Per hour minimum flow. And maximum 5000 ltrs. Per hour from 8000ppm TDS.
  • Uses FRP pressure vessels for RO membranes
  • Uses chemical injection pumps for coagulant or sodium bisulphite, antiscalant, and hypochlorite
  • Overall power requirements are 415 or 240 volts/60 Hertz