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Reverse Osmosis Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Chemicals, Softeners Systems, Deioniser Plant, Mobile Filtration Plants, Multimedia Filter, Electro Deionization
Company Profile
EED provides RO Water Plant on a turnkey basis, "Water Treatment", conforming to ISI quality standards and other international standards such as USFDA and WHO.

At AWWT we assembled plants for Brackish water & sea water. Our brackish water & sea water reverse osmosis desalination systems treat water containing total dissolved solids (TDS) of 45000 ppm to produce potable water with TDS less than 500 ppm.

We also assembled Fluoride Removal System, Iron removal, Nitrate Removal, Arsenic removal systems.

Reverse osmosis, Multimedia filter, Softeners, Deioniser and Mixbed units for organizations and institutions like Indian Army, Indian Institute of Management, Mudra Institute of Communication, International Water Management Institute, Indian Oil Corporation, etc.

We would be pleased to serve you as our valued customer.
Quality Policy
Aqualux Waste Water Technology Pvt. Ltd. is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of its Quality Management System. We will actively pursue our goal of defect-free competitive products delivered on time, which meet or exceed our customer's requirements. Our management is committed to provide our employee's with the necessary resources and environment to carry out these goals. These resources will be focused primarily on the prevention of defects, meeting our customer's needs and continual improvement.
Our Products
  1. Multimedia Filter
  2. Sea Water Desalination Plant
  3. Reverse Osmosis Plant
  4. Waste Water Treatment Plant
  5. Water Treatment Chemicals
  6. Filters
  7. Softeners Systems
  8. Deioniser Plant
  9. Mobile Filtration Plants
  10. Electro Deionization
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